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About Us

About Space One FPV

Creativity with Innovation

Technology is another word for creativity because to advance in the world of science and tech, you need to think out of the box and reimagine the possibilities.

Space One FPV (First Person View) believes in the principle of innovative creativity. We combine the latest innovations in the tech world with the creative aspirations of a modern man. Drones and UAV may have started out for simpler purposes but today, they represent so much such as FPV professional sports. We understand this and we work on this.

We Don’t Just Deliver: We Over Deliver

Our drone tech is based on providing what is needed and not the extra unwanted and useless flair which compromises quality. We deliver in terms of quality and practicality so you have an enriching experience. Our quadcopters deliver the FPV experience you would expect from a natural eye. They are fine tuned to perform the way you want, without making it a hassle. Our drones perform and deliver like you expect them to and more. 

In our world, companies don’t survive by making profits. Companies thrive by making meaningful customer connections. That is exactly why we deliver a package of a satisfying product, and service. The more happy clients we maintain, the better our business booms.

Customers Come First

Of course, customer satisfaction is just part of the equation. Our business is involved in a field where breakthrough innovation happens quickly and without warning. We understand and we keep a track of it. Our business is involved in delivering the latest stable tech that is available. The day it gets developed and perfected, we incorporate it in our products. You will find our FPV quadcopters integrated with best that our industry has to offer.

Our strive and our commitment to deliver sets us apart from other FPV Racing based companies. We’re based on principles and our principles are what will give you the most fun and enriching drone experience.

Based in the USA.